Organic Sweet Orange Soap Gift Set

Organic Sweet Orange Soap Gift Set

Organic Sweet Orange Soap Gift Set

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Sweet Orange Soap containing essential oils from organic, ethically sourced mandarin oranges from The Good Zest Company. 

Is it time you get juiced to having happy, healthy skin? 

Why not treat yourself to a little luxury without subjecting your skin to harsh chemicals and the risk of skin irritation. 

100% organic soap, fragranced naturally with the essence of sweet mandarin oranges and free from synthetic colours. 

Benefit from the natural properties of our soap that provide antioxidants to support healthy skin cells and even out skin tone while thoroughly but gently cleansing the skin. 

Our Sweet Orange Soap is kind to delicate skin and topped with its own slice of Organic Orange segment. We’ve teamed it with a Natural Stone soap tile and Bamboo exfoliating Soap Bag to create a luxe Gift Set presented in a sustainable drawstring Jute Bag.


1x 100g Organic Sweet Orange Soap in an aluminium travel tin

Orange essential oil is known in aromatherapy to calm inflammation and boost the immune system. But when it comes to skin, this citrus fruit also prevents premature skin ageing, stimulates circulation, and kills off harmful bacteria.

1x Natural Bamboo Exfoliating Soap Bag

Our Natural Bamboo Exfoliating Soap Bag can turn your soap into an exfoliator in just a few seconds. Simply place your Organic Handmade Zesty Soap in the bag, run under warm water and gently rub against your skin in circular motions. Made from 100% bamboo, they’re eco-conscious, naturally anti-fungal, and seriously soft, making them suitable for the face and body of all skin types.

1x Natural Stone Soap Tile

To make our Organic Handmade Zesty Soaps last even longer, dry them out on our Travertine Soap Tile after use to squeeze every last bit of juice out of them.



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