3 Shower Hacks That’ll Transform Your Skin

by Rose Sergeant

Showers used to be 80% rethinking our entire life decisions and 20% actually washing our bodies. Sometimes even less when we’re really in the feels. But fast forward to now and we’re starting our skincare routines early before we even step out of the shower. Why? Because products are better absorbed into the skin when it’s damp.

How Does the Skin Absorb Products When Damp?

Our skin is designed to be waterproof (showering would be a pretty impossible task if it wasn’t). So, applying skincare products to dry skin minimises product absorption as it’s still acting as a full-body raincoat made from skin cells fused together with natural oils and waxes. But over time when exposed to water, they get thinner and make it easier for skincare products to slip through.

Can I Make My Skincare Products More Effective When Applying to Damp Skin?  

Good question. There are three layers of skin tissue: the top layer (epidermis), the middle layer (dermis), and finally, the bottom layer (hypodermis). When the skin is dry, the epidermis tends to absorb most of the skincare product being applied. Whereas when the skin is damp, the outer layer is already plump, allowing them to pass through to the dermis and hypodermis. The more skin cells that skincare products can reach, the more effective they become.


Top 3 Shower Hacks for Skin:

1. Choose a Body Wash That Does More Than Just Clean Your Skin

Don’t be basic when it comes to your shower skincare routine. Whilst removing dirt, oil, and bacteria from your skin is a top priority, it shouldn’t be your only priority if you want to make the most of shower time.

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Our Organic Zest Body Wash Set has you covered with a selection of our best-selling essential oils that target multiple skin concerns at once. Organic Lemon Body Wash helps to heal damaged skin cells, hydrate the skin, and minimise the signs of ageing. For acne-prone skin, Organic Lime Body Wash works to keep the skin clear with antibacterial properties. Brightening dark spots and skin tone is Organic Orange Body Wash. Whether you wake up with dry skin or a pimple, or just fancy switching up your scent, this body wash set will hit the spot every time.

2. Invest in a Body Oil

To put the moisture back in your skin that’s lost during a shower, especially if you have a habit of turning your bathroom into a steam room, is body oil. When we shower, our pores open in the warmth and essential oils that keep our skin moisturised can escape. Applying body oil just before you get out of the shower will provide long-term, rich moisture for the skin – cya later dry flakes.

Top Tip: End your shower routine for dry skin with a blast of cool water to seal your pores back up and prevent further moisture loss throughout the day.

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For next-level moisture, our Organic Detoxifying Grapefruit Body Oil will leave the skin feeling hydrated and free from toxins. Grapefruit, almond, apricot, grapeseed, evening primrose (with added vitamin E), rosehip, and pomegranate oils deeply nourish the skin to optimal health and strength. 

3. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

We always fuss over how much we need to exfoliate the skin on our faces, but we shouldn’t forget about the rest of our bodies during our shower skincare routine. Every 28 days (ish) the skin sheds its dead skin cells, but as we age, this time gets longer and longer. Meaning you spend less and less time with seriously soft skin.

To kickstart the process, our next shower hack is to exfoliate your body head to toe, 2-3 days a week. Basically, whenever you exfoliate your face, exfoliate your body too.

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