Did you know?

A Plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to break down and once an animal dies and decays the plastic bag is released back into the marine environment to kill other wildlife.

Our Manufacturing & Packaging decisions are rooted in a strong sense of responsibility to the Environment and Wildlife. We pride ourselves on creating beauty products that are 'Good' for your skin, and this principle of being 'Good' extends to our commitment to tread softly on the Earth. 

  • No Plastic Packaging.
  • Packaging that is Recycled, renewable and/or Biodegradable.
  • No Excess Packaging.
  • Aluminium Jars & Bottles.
    • We encourage you to return your empty bottles to us for immediate re-purposing - we will pay the postage and you will receive 10% off your next order!
  • Aluminium Caps as standard with option of purchasing a 'Pump for Life'.
  • Proud to be Leaping Bunny Approved. International standard for cruelty free products.

Why do we use Aluminium Bottles?

All of our bottles are made from Aluminium and are more sustainable than Glass or Plastic on virtually every measure. Aluminium bottles are Recycled over and over again directly back into themselves, meaning the average bottle has a very high percentage of Recycled content, unlike Glass or Plastic that are typically "down cycled" into other products such as carpet, clothing, land fill liner or sleeping bags.  

'Recycling Today' reported that just 29.3% of Plastic Bottles were recycled compared to an estimate by the Aluminium Association that nearly 75% of all Aluminium ever produced is still in use.                          

Empty bottles returned to us will be re-purposed. 

Please wait until you have a few empties, then contact us via email and we will send you a postage paid label to return to us free of charge.  You'll also receive 10% off your next order. It's that simple!