About Us

The Good Zest Company was born in 2020. An Ethical British hair & skin care brand created by its Clinical Aromatherapist Founder - Rose Sergeant, to eliminate harmful and unnecessary chemicals from every day beauty products and replace them with natural Organic ingredients that are good for our skin and The


When you take a close look at any mainstream (even high end) Hair & Skin care products you'll quickly notice that they are packed with harsh Chemicals - many of them don't even serve a purpose e.g. Sulphates are only added to Shampoos in order to make extra lather so you feel like your Hair is getting a good clean.  Unfortunately, this ingredient not only gets absorbed into your body but it also strips your hair of it's Natural oils causing far more damage than good.  

When it comes to Healthy Skin & Hair, The Good Zest Company know that less is definitely more - less Toxins, Chemicals, Synthetic Scents and Artificial Colours and more Naturally Healing Organic Ingredients.  

In rural Staffordshire (England,UK) Rose Sergeant and her small Artisan Team hand-craft every product in small batches - they even hand zest their own Organic fruit via the traditional method of Pestle & Mortar to lock-in the Natural well-being

The Good Zest Company understand that what you put on your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream and impact your well-being. Therefore, at the heart of what they do is the simple commitment to create Organic Hair & Skin Care that is 'Good for You & Good for The Planet'.

Our Beginning 

"When my husband suffered a painful skin reaction to a seemingly 'Natural' Shampoo, I was shocked at just how chemically engineered this product was - in fact, apart from the Marketing images on the bottle, there was nothing 'Natural' about the Shampoo at all.

This revelation promoted me to investigate the bold promises made by the Beauty industry, and how all too often we get seduced by beautiful but non-biodegradable packaging and expensive Marketing tactics.

I believe passionately that integrity of ingredients is the key to Healthy Skin & Hair and that packaging sympathetic to the environment can be sustainable and stylish”. Rose Sergeant - Founder of The Good Zest Co. & Clinical Aromatherapist.