Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions that we receive.

Yes. All of our products are completely free from nasty chemicals such as SLS and
Parabens and we only ever use completely Natural Scents and Colours derived from the Zest of the Citrus Fruit (hence our name!!).

Citrus fruits are
proven to have multiple health benefits and have been used for
centuries in Aromatherapy due to their naturally high levels of
Antioxidants as well as their natural astringent and antibacterial
and uplifting wellness benefits.

Our founder Rose Sergeant, is a Clinical Aromatherapist who has studied the benefits
and use of citrus essential oils which allows her to design and
produce our award winning products.

See our ‘Zesty News’ page for some great examples of how our products
encompass the benefits of Organic Citrus Essential Oils.

As one of our core values is to be sustainable and plastic-free, our bottles do not come with a pump as standard as these do contain a small amount of plastic tube.
We do understand that some of our customers prefer the ease of use of a pump and hence we offer a ‘Pump for Life’ for £1.

We will replace the pumps in the future if they fail but as the name suggests they should last for a long time.

Unfortunately we have yet to find a viable refill solution which doesn’t use plastic and this limits us to not being able to provide refills at this time.

We do, however, encourage our customers to return their empty bottles in return for a 10% discount off their next order – we will even pay for the postage for you to return your bottles.
The bottles will then be re-purposed so there is zero waste (this is one of the key reasons that we chose Aluminium Bottles as they are infinitely recyclable!).
When you are ready to place your next order and return your bottles simply send us an email at

Our products are suitable for all skin types as they don’t contain any nasty chemicals or artificial colourings or scents.

We use high quality Certified Organic Ingredients in our products and only use completely Natural Fragrances and Scents (from the zests of the fruits!!).

However, if you have a particular skin allergy or requirement, we would always advise you to check the ingredients on the website and consult your GP to be sure as even the purest natural ingredients can cause reactions.

Our Gift Boxes make amazing presents so if you would like to include a Gift Message with your order we will include this in a card for you free of charge –
just email your message to us at along with your order number.

We send all of our orders Standard Class (48hr) with Royal Mail which costs £3.35.

We offer ‘Free Shipping’ if you spend over £50….so go on…..why not treat yourself or a loved one to the Gift of Goodness!

To become a reseller of our products simply send an email to outlining your business and requirements. We will review your request and get back in touch with you to discuss any arrangements.

We are proud to be stocked in wide variety of places including Shops, Salons, Spa’s,
Farm Shops, Online Marketplaces, Yoga Studios, and we are extremely proud of our recent partnership with Singapore Airlines.

All of our stockists share our passion for Organic and Natural Products which are not only Good for You but also Good for the Planet.

Currently, we only deliver individual orders to customers in the UK from sales through our website.

If you are looking to become a stockist of our products in Europe or Asia then we have distribution partners that we work with.

These distribution partners will be able to fulfil your requirements for shipping wholesale orders globally. 

Just send an email to for more details.

We supply our products to lots of Farm shops, Hotels, B&Bs, AirBnB’s and Cottages
across the UK.

We have our standard product range which we can supply at wholesale prices or we have a bespoke range of 50ml bottles which come in either Organic Sweet Orange or Organic Lime & Bergamot.

These come as Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body Lotion.

They are the perfect stylish sustainable single use solution as the bottles can be
infinitely recycled. Just drop us an email at for more information.