Did you know? Smell is the only sense that has a direct route to our Brain

by Rose Sergeant


How Does Aromatherapy Work?


’Olfactory’ is the term that relates to our sense of smell. It is a chemical response to stimuli by our olfactory receptors (neurons) which are positioned at the back of the nasal cavity. We have tens of millions of olfactory receptors and when stimulated they unite to lead the chemical stimuli to a pair of olfactory bulbs that are positioned behind our eyes. The stimuli then passes direct to the limbic system - part of the Brain (Hippocampus & Amygdala) which is where the magic happens!

The Limbic System

The limbic system is responsible for our sense of smell and is the same part of the Brain that processes and regulates emotions and the formation of memories. The limbic system is a key player in the body’s response to stress.

Aroma and Wellbeing

Aroma can bring about an automatic psychological response through emotions and also a physiological response such as a change in heart rate. Everyone can use their sense of smell to naturally relax, calm, uplift or energise their mind, body and soul. 

Find Your Perfect Zest

Essential Oils are complex and volatile substances each with their own unique chemical and theraputic profile. Here at The Good Zest Company we use pure essential Citrus Oils such as Mandarin, Lime, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Lemon and Grapefruit in all our Organic Hair & Skin care products. Being part of the Rutaceae plant family, Citrus essential oils have a unique chemical composition that means they are known in Aromatherapy as the ‘happy’ & ‘uplifting’ oils - perfect for your morning shower, or as a stress relieving addition to your everyday hair and skin care routine.

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