Organic Zingy Body Wash Gift Box

Organic Zingy Body Wash Gift Box

Organic Zingy Body Wash Gift Box

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Bring a combination of luxury and natural skin care to your shower or bath.

The Ultimate Citrus Body Wash Gift Box contains 5 of our favourite body washes that provide a rich lather and ultra-nutritious organic essential oils to cleanse and soothe the skin. 

No matter the scent you choose on the day, you’ll leave the bathroom with beautiful, deep cleansed skin and a soothed soul thanks to their mood-boosting properties and zingy citrus aromas.


1x 250ml Organic Lemon Body Wash – Hydrate and fight off signs of ageing as you feed damaged cells with nutrients.

1x 250ml Organic Lime Body Wash – Organic lime essential oil = clean and clear skin. It really is that simple.

1x 250ml Organic Sweet Orange Body Wash – Bursting with sweetness that lingers on your skin after use, this fruity formula will strengthen your immune system, dissolve dirt, and brighten and tighten the skin.

 1x 250ml Organic Lime & Bergamot Body Wash – Minimise the appearance of pores with a deep clean and lighten old acne scars as it stimulates cell renewal.

1x 250ml Organic Grapefruit Body Wash – Smooth out cellulite, soften and deeply hydrate the skin – perfect for busy beauties who don’t always have time to moisturise, and definitely don’t have the time to reapply with long-lasting hydration.

 1x Natural Jute Polishing Mitt – Made to use with any of our Citrus Body Washes, this Natural Jute Polishing Mitt will remove dead skin cells without causing harm to the skin’s protective barrier.

*See individual products for ingredients and allergens.


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