Organic Lemon & Clementine Candle

Organic Lemon & Clementine Candle

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Lift your mood, improve your focus and reduce your stress levels with this Organic Lemon And Clementine Candle from The Good Zest Company. 

The balanced infusion of lemon and clementine essential oils in our candle provide citrus aromas that can help open airways and reduce congestion, very beneficial for those suffering with colds or allergies. 

The mix of organic citrus oils is known to have benefits for elevating mood along with an energising effect that can reduce the feeling of fatigue. 

The bright, upbeat scent of lemon and clementine transforms any room in a space that helps you relax, lower stress and anxiety levels while at the same time allowing clearer focus and concentration. 

Made with a sustainable wooden wick and an organic wax base, our Organic Lemon And Clementine Candle will freshen up any room in the house along with your mood. 



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