Organic Uplifting Lemon Gift Box

Organic Uplifting Lemon Gift Box

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Elevate your mood, cleanse and refresh your whole body with the uplifting experience
of The Good Zest Company's Organic Uplifting Lemon Gift Box.

“I have too much lemon in my life”, said no one, ever.

Enhance (or begin) your collection with our Organic Uplifting Lemon Gift Box that perfectly captures the scent of an Italian lemon grove on a summer’s afternoon.

Unleash the fresh scent of organic lemons in your bathroom whenever you peel like it.

With everything you need to cleanse and condition your hair and skin, consider your
morning routine complete.

Organic lemon bodywash to cleanse and promote the healing of cells.

Natural lemon shampoo and conditioner that cleans, protects and conditions hair and
restores natural ph balance to the scalp.

Remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling refreshed with the exfoliating soap
bag and lemon zest soap.

Containing Lemon essential oils, the products in the Organic Uplifting Lemon Gift Box
provide a natural way to repair and clean hair and skin.

Using the high levels of citric acid, limonene and pinene contained in lemon essential oils, our lemon based products provide levels of antibacterial and astringent protection that can be effective at killing bacteria on the skin and aiding skin cell repair.

Why not pamper yourself a little? Clean, repair and keep your skin in balance with The
Good Zest Company's organic, vegan friendly Lemon Gift Box.


1x 250ml Organic Clarifying Lemon Shampoo – Restore the natural pH balance of your scalp, intensify shine, remove excess oils and dirt without stripping the hair with our Organic Clarifying Lemon Shampoo.

1x 250ml Organic Lemon Conditioner – Creating the ripest environment for healthy hair to grow is our Organic Lemon Conditioner, sealing cuticles and adding moisture for ultimate hair goals. 

1x 250ml Organic Lemon Body Wash – Thoroughly cleanse the skin whilst helping to heal damaged cells, brighten and even skin tone, and boost and retain moisture levels.

1x 100g Organic Handmade Lemon Zest Soap – Effortlessly cleanse and energise the skin without upsetting the natural essential oils that keep it moisturised.

1x Natural Bamboo Exfoliating Soap Bag – Made with natural bamboo, this exfoliating soap bag will gently remove dead skin cells after inserting our Organic Handmade Lemon Zest Soap.

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