Organic Lime Body Polish

Organic Lime Body Polish

Organic Lime Body Polish

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Invigorate your skin with The Good Zest Company's Organic Lime Body Polish. 

The hand-crafted formula of our premium Organic Lime Body Polish is designed to be one of the ultimate organic skin products in our product range. 

A blend of skin-loving organic oils including Lime essential oils, Almond, Evening Primrose and vitamin E are combined with Scottish sea salt flakes to produce the perfect combination of natural ingredients for the health and appearance of your skin.  

Providing excellent exfoliating properties while still being gentle on the skin, the sea salt flakes are only one part of the formula. 

Vitamin E is powerhouse vitamin that fights off free radicals (the bad guys that press fast forward on the ageing process) and strengthens the skin’s barrier to keep your skin looking as young as you feel. 

Almond, Evening Primrose oil and lime essential oils combine their unique and benefit laden properties to ensure your skin has as much protection and as many nutrients as it needs. 

This unique blend helps to cleanse and smooth skin, improving complexion and tone. The antimicrobial and antifungal properties protect the skin from the trauma of daily life while the emollient properties help to reduce dry skin and lock in moisture. 

Regular use can improve the appearance of the skin by tightening pores and improving circulation for a radiant glow. 

Leave the shower feeling invigorated with light citrus smelling skin when you use our Organic Lime Body Polish. 

A Visit to Blackthorn Salt on the West Coast of Scotland - the key ingredient in all our Body Polishes.


 Allergens: Nuts, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Citral

Size:  150g

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