Organic Zesty Body Wash Gift Set

Organic Zesty Body Wash Gift Set

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For when you just can’t decide which Zesty Body Wash to go for ( we don’t blame you, they all smell ama-zing ) choose our Organic Zesty Body Wash Set featuring 3 of our best-selling organic washes. Whether you’re looking to spoil a friend or yourself, this body wash set will go down a treat. 

Each body wash in the set contains specific essential oils to provide a wide range of benefits for the skin and hair. Choose a different wash each day depending on your mood or what your skin needs. 

Zesty Orange Body Wash to even out skin tone and leave you feeling radiant and fresh. 

Zesty Lemon Body Wash to repair and lift your mood with its fresh, sharp aroma. 

Zesty Lime Body Wash for anti-bacterial deep cleansing and protection. 

You can be sure, whatever Zesty Body Wash you reach for, you will be left not only feeling clean and fresh, but with a sense of wellbeing, knowing you chose 100% organic products from an award-winning eco-friendly company. 


Natural Jute Gift Bag containing the following:

1x 250ml Organic Lemon Body Wash – Renew and repair damaged skin cells, cleanse, hydrate, and fight the signs of ageing. 

1x 250 Organic Lime Body Wash – Keep the skin clean and clear with antibacterial properties to remove dirt and blemishes.

1x 250ml Organic Orange Body Wash – Promote radiance, even out skin tone, and lighten dark spots. 

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