Organic Zesty Hand Wash Set

Organic Zesty Hand Wash Set

Organic Zesty Hand Wash Set

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Introducing our best-selling Organic Zesty Hand Wash Set that’ll transform the way you wash your hands forever – the zest is history! 

The set features both our 250ml Organic Mandarin and Organic Grapefruit Hand Washes that’ll leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and beautifully soft to the touch with a refreshing, mood-boosting scent. 

The Good Zest Company's Mandarin Hand Wash contains high concentrates of essential oils that are rich in antioxidants to support healthy skin cells and even out skin tone. The citrus wash cleanses thoroughly without the need for harsh chemical additives. 

The essential oil in our zesty Grapefruit Hand Wash has next-level anti-bacterial properties to fight germs and protect the skin. This hand wash utilises the well documented benefits of grapefruit essential oils while also providing fantastic cleansing properties. 

Both our products are ethically sourced, vegan friendly and 100% organic, complete with recyclable packaging. All handmade in rural Staffordshire. 

As 100% natural products, our handwashes provide exceptional cleansing and skin protection without being harsh or causing irritation 


  See individual products for full ingredients and list of Allergens.


2 x 250ml

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